The new path to workforce diversity and inclusion (live streaming debate)

While HR organizations all over the world consider diversity and inclusion as a strategic priority, many are still struggling to make it a reality and few appear to be making tangible progress. Today, 71% of working millennials say that while their employers talk about diversity for long, they feel that opportunities and rewards are not equal for all. Moreover, 80% of them admit that clear diversity, equality and inclusion policies are essential when deciding to join -or keep working for- a company.
Although the promise of a diverse workforce to drive higher business performance, customer satisfaction and employee engagement is real and clearly understood, HR recognizes that not only it is difficult to measure its direct impact, but many of the critical success factors are also outside HR control like e.g. leadership behaviors, corporate culture, regulation, and commitment at all levels of the organization. When the world becomes everyday more global, when contingent workers are the new reality and when hybrid and distributed workplaces are the new norm, strong diversity and inclusion policies are going to be the fundamental lever to enable organizational agility, deliver extraordinary employee experience, and fortify customer loyalty.


The debate will examine, among others:
+ What do diversity and inclusion really mean in 2020?
+ Covid19 crisis: brake or accelerator for an increasingly diverse and inclusive workforce?
+ How new hybrid workplaces do reshape diversity & inclusion principles and purpose
+ Detecting unconscious bias in the workplace, and how to avoid them
+ Changing the rules: shifting from inclusion to equity in the largest sense
+ The quest for diversity and inclusion within the changing legal and social context
+ Measuring the real benefits of diversity and inclusion


This live streaming debate will enable a great sharing of ideas on how to set up an efficient diversity & inclusion strategy through personal experiences and insights from:
- Mrs. Katrien Goossens, Diversity & Inclusion Lead Benelux, ING
- Mrs. Sara Wouters, Diversity & Inclusion Manager, PwC
- Mr. Filip Tilleman, Lawyer & Associate, Tilleman van Hoogenbemt
- Mrs. Olivia De Wit, Head of CoE Workforce Experience, Solvay
- Mr. Tom Verboven, Director Talent & Leadership, PwC

Filip Tilleman

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The new path to workforce diversity and inclusion (live streaming debate)

25 november 2020
Filip Tilleman