Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG): The path to new workforce strategies? (live streaming debate)

If “ESG” is used by financial analysts as a term referring to environmental issues like climate change and resource scarcity, the recent changes imposed by the Covid pandemic obviously bring it to an extended level by also covering labor practices, people management, and employee safety. Moreover, it also amplifies HR governance matters like workforce diversity, inclusion and pay equity, among many others.

Clearly, and as the pandemic is turbo-charging the workplace agenda, there’s a big and urgent challenge for HR to turn ESG from a reputational luxury into a strategic ground to rethink ‘how’ work gets done to ensure the best interests of employees, regardless of the ‘what’. A strong ESG proposition -and execution- is an extraordinary lever to not just attract and retain quality talents, but also to enhance employee motivation by instilling a sense of higher purpose and increasing productivity overall. By extension, a meaningful ESG policy also helps sustaining social and industrial relations stability. Finally, it is a tangible accelerator for HR to turn the rising ESG momentum as a new window into the future by contributing to a more sustainable work model and responsive business for the long term.


The debate will examine, among others:
> Understanding the growing ESG perimeters, challenges and opportunities for HR
> Assessing the direct impact of a meaningful ESG policy on workforce engagement and performance
> Turning ESG as the fundamental pillar of talent attractiveness and retention
> Building a responsible and sustainable workplace: what does it really mean, which forms could it take?
> Engagement, productivity, equity, employment reputation, top-line growth: 5 ways ESG can create new
and tangible HR value


This debate at the highest level will enable an exceptional sharing of ideas and will challenge the new ESG-compliant workplace through the personal experiences and insights from:

- Geert Aelbrecht, Global Chief People Officer, Besix
- Isabelle de Cambry, General Manager CSR, Bridgestone EMIA
- Kristian Vandenhoudt, VP Human Resources, Atlas Copco
- Filip Tilleman, Lawyer & Expert in Work Regulation, Tilleman van Hoogenbemt
- Tom Verboven, Head of HR Management Consulting, PwC

Filip Tilleman

Advocaat-vennoot bij Tilleman Van Hoogenbemt-advocaten


Participation is strictly allowed upon personal invitation only.

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Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG): The path to new workforce strategies? (live streaming debate)

05 mei 2021
Filip Tilleman