“We want to attract, nurture and retain the best talent, by encouraging creativity, innovation and expertise.”

Our Internships

Our internships provide an insight into life in a modern, forward-thinking law firm – the people, the environment and the different aspects of our practice. You will develop a better understanding of what it takes to make a career in law and the competencies it requires.


At Tilleman Van Hoogenbemt, we were able to welcome another group of enthusiastic students. The ideal way to get acquainted with employment law in practice.

What did they think of their internship with us?

“During our summer internship at Tilleman Van Hoogenbemt, we learned that employment law is more than just law. We were immersed in the facts, the psychology and the strategy that often goes with it. We were involved in the current files, attended pleas at hearings and were allowed to indicate which topics carried our interest. The passion that these lawyers feel for employment law only fueled our eagerness to learn. Moreover, it was not just a one-way street between the office and the intern, but rather a nice interaction in which both parties got a say.”

Emilie Struyf, Lenthe Bellens, Lisa Arnout

Liesbeth Dhaenens

Working at Tilleman Van Hoogenbemt

In the ‘war for legal talent’, Tilleman Van Hoogenbemt stands out as a law firm for encouraging creativity, innovation and expertise.
Besides 1,000 hours of internal training each year and interesting career development opportunities in niche areas of labour law, employees are also given the required flexibility that is so unusual in the world of law firms.
We put an end to three myths associated with working in a legal profession.

1. Teleworking is possible in a legal profession

Despite the fact that teleworking seems quite common, it is not that simple when it comes to legal professions. Even so, at Tilleman Van Hoogenbemt it has been possible for some years now too, for example, live in Kortrijk and work in Antwerp.
Even more impressive, this same employee also works regularly from Romania due to family reasons. Technology facilitates such teleworking, and that includes motivated lawyers at Tilleman Van Hoogenbemt.

2. There's no age limit to having a passion

One of the employees at Tilleman Van Hoogenbemt was an auditor at a large insurance company until the age of fifty. However, he had always dreamed of being able to plead at the bar.
Because of his motivation and knowledge of group insurance and pension funds, Tilleman Van Hoogenbemt gave him the chance to turn his passion into a career.

3. Work part-time for a good cause

One of the very first lawyers to join Tilleman Van Hoogenbemt also worked as a volunteer for a humanitarian organisation. This meant that he needed to share out his work and was frequently required to go out on a mission e.g. to Senegal…
Despite this, those working at Tilleman Van Hoogenbemt were still successful in achieving an intense and exciting partnership.