With passion for employment law

Tilleman van Hoogenbemt is a dynamic boutique law firm specializing exclusively in employment law. We are your professional partner for both legal and strategic tailored support for all questions or disputes regarding relationships between (ex) employers and (ex) employees.

Our services

We offer extensive experience and practical knowledge of all aspects of individual and collective labor law. From an ostensibly simple lay-off to a more urgent dismissal, from an international restructuring to strike action but also subjects ranging from absenteeism, false self-employment, discrimination, social criminal law, group insurance, privacy, sabbatical leave, CLA 32bis to questions regarding social security and severe social fraud cases are all our areas of expertise where we can assist you. It is thanks to this comprehensive expertise that we can really fulfil the role of your HR partner on a daily basis.

How do we work?

Our office takes a no-nonsense approach: clear answers to your questions, so that you can immediately take action. Our work is carried out in a very efficient and cost-conscious manner: value for money is our motto. Our common practice is to work preventively in order to avoid pitfalls and procedures. We will also inform you with complete transparency whether a case has a chance of success or not. We have consciously chosen a professional and personal approach whereby every case is assigned a fixed contact person, assuring you sound advice and assistance with respect for your company culture.

Herman Van Hoogenbemt

Filip Tilleman