Social Security law

What is social security law? 

Social security provides a social safety net both for during the employment relationship or self-employed collaboration as well as for when the employment relationship or self-employed collaboration goes wrong or comes to an end: it is then crucial to think ahead and anticipate the necessary security.

Tilleman van Hoogenbemt offers extensive and practical knowledge of all possible aspects of social security law. It is thanks to our comprehensive expertise that we can really be your HR partner on a daily basis.

Typical cases for Tilleman Van Hoogenbemt lawyers relating to social security law include:

  • Bogus self-employment
  • Questions on whether certain benefits are part of the salary or not
  • Inspections by the Social Security Inspection Department
  • Group insurance
  • Pension funds
  • International employment relationships: salary split, expats…
  • Incapacity to work or occupational diseases
  • Pensions (state pensions, survivor’s pensions, supplementary pensions)
  • Work accidents
  • Inspections by the Migration Department
  • Unemployment
  • Employment mediation

We provide clear and concise advice, defend you with total dedication in court proceedings, assist you during investigations by the inspection services and undertake negotiations at every level.

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